The “Cycle of Deployment”, as it is more commonly known, was first written about back in 1987 by a female author named Kathleen Vestal Logan.

“I wrote an article “The Emotional Cycle of Deployment” which was published in Naval Institute Proceedings in 1987. Doing the research required that I meet with many navy wives’ groups; then, once the article was published, I was invited to speak to many more groups, which often included husbands, as well. Having a positive impact on people’s ability to cope productively with separations propelled me past my fears. The article continues to be used throughout the military services and has been translated into several foreign language. It’s very satisfying to have created something of lasting value to people.”

As mentioned, most military services use this “Cycle of Deployment” and a quick internet search will give you greater detail and information.

As an alternative, I have been to a number of conferences led by groups of people whose only aim is to help service children in school and beyond. One such organisation is The Service Children’s Progression (SCiP) Alliance. Their website has a wealth of information on there and is worth a look around to see the amazing work they are doing. Within their resources pages, there is a copy of the Naval Families Federation’s take on the Cycle of Deployment. It is very well put together and packed full of information and guidance.