It was commonly believed that people went through “stages of grief” in a progressive way. So, they would start with shock and denial, moving on to protest and crying. Then would come despair, coupled with guilt and anger, and then acceptance. And, all of this is thought to take up to two years. Sounds easy and straight forward, right?

Well, it doesn’t quite work like that.

A more honest and helpful model of the grieving process is the “upward spiral of grief” written about in Shelley Gilbert’s Grief Encounter Handbook (2004). The spiral still includes the feelings one has while grieving; disbelief, denial, shock, sadness, guilt and anger, but not in any set order.

It more closely reflects the reoccurring emotions and confusion that a child may feel. It also shows that these feelings become less intense as time goes on. This is vital for a child going through this process. To know that they are not going crazy!

There is so much amazing advice and guidance out there to help children and families when going through a time of loss. Please click through to our charities page to look for more information.