I shared the photo and post below to my Facebook page last March. Little did I know that nine months later we’d have experienced over 80,000 Covid related deaths here in the UK.

With our daily figures rising the way they have been, once again I want to pass on my love and respect to all those who are involved with the funeral industry and everyone who works with the bereaved.

This is the hardest of times but you are the best of people. You are in my thoughts daily and I know that you find the strength needed to get through this.

Stay safe.

Photo credit: David Barrington, Barrington’s Funeral Services Ltd

“Last year I was so warmly welcomed into the funeral industry and even exhibited at their national exhibition. I have never met so many caring and compassionate people, who all love what they do and do it with such pride.

Yet during this crisis, they appear to be our unsung key worker heroes. They are the people who are looking after our loved ones once there is nothing more we can do for them. They’re the ones trying to care for the bereaved under the most horrendous circumstances.

Seeing the attached photo taken by a funeral director this week hits home just how awful this situation is becoming. Imagine having to keep mourners at a distance when it’s the time that they need each other the most. Imagine not being able to allow family members to carry their loved ones coffins and reducing attendance numbers to stay in line with government guidance. It goes against everything this profession believe in and it’s heartbreaking.

And, this is just the start. The whole industry is preparing for what is on the way. They are going to have an incredibly difficult few weeks and months. I believe they deserve far more recognition for the amazing and hard work they are already doing and will continue to do as we move through this crisis.

For every person I have met or spoken to in the funeral industry, and to all those I am yet to meet, I wish you all the strength and love you need to get through this. I applaud what you are doing and will continue to do so forever more.

Stay safe. Stay healthy.”