There is an ever growing concern in the UK around our child mental health crisis. It only takes a quick internet search to see the many editorials reporting on the problems surrounding child mental health:

“Vulnerable children wait almost three years to access mental health care while others seen in just a week. Lengthy waits lead to ‘more and more’ children ‘ending up in crisis’, leading psychiatrist warns.” Independent, January 2022

“The English Mental Health of Child and Young People Survey (MHCYP) and its follow-up surveys suggest a deterioration in youth mental health. It found that the proportion of children aged six to 16 with probable mental health disorders had increased from one in nine in 2017 to one in six in both 2020 and 2021.” The Conversation, December 2021

“Nearly 40% of six to 16-year-olds, and half of 17 to 23-year-olds, said they felt their mental health had got worse over that time. (lockdown)” BBC, September 2021

If this crisis is not dealt with at a young age, difficulties may continue into adult life, further perpetuating this cycle. It is already estimated that businesses lose £35 billion each year as a direct result of having to support mental health issues in the work place, with an increasing number of companies now implementing strategies and incorporating Mental Health First Aiders to help combat this crisis.

A child having access to “At Times I Get These Feelings” will help them on their journey to better understand and manage their emotions in a positive way. A tool to aid those close to the child, this book will provide a leverage that will help “open up” conversations that were not already happening.

One Mental Wellbeing Lead at a school in Hampshire has suggested that “every child in the country should have a copy of this book; whether they are in need of mental health support or not.” It is our mission to help these children better understand and express their feelings and emotions in a safe and understanding environment.