Clare’s latest title, At Times I Get These Feelings, published in November 2018, has been written to support children with their emotional wellbeing. Quite naturally, children can struggle to identify and deal with strong emotions and this can lead to behavioural outbursts that can manifest themselves as long term mental health issues. The book allows children to understand that being different is acceptable, gives pointers on being kind and offers ideas on how to stay calm when angered.

At Times I Get These Feelings is packed full of activities designed to improve a child’s self-esteem, help when they’re feeling worried or give advice when they may be lonely. Each page is so thoughtfully put together with bold, colourful images; using colours that correlate with the mood on that page.

This book helps to get children talking at a young age. It is already being used by a high number of schools around the country and is being hailed as a “must have” when it comes to helping youngsters with their feelings.

This book would be a valuable addition to any child’s library.

You can take a look inside here, to give an idea of content.