John Adams, an experienced professional within the field of funeral services and bereavement support, an advocate of compassionate leadership, education, and positive change. As the second youngest President of the National Association of Funeral Directors (NAFD), John has exhibited unwavering dedication to improving empowerments within the funeral industry. His visionary approach and commitment have made him a respected advocate for the bereaved, shaping the landscape of grief support in the UK.

Championing Bereavement Awareness

John‘s influence extends beyond the confines of the funeral industry. His role as the Funeral Industry Advisor to Child Bereavement UK underscores his deep commitment to creating a more empathetic and informed society when it comes to addressing bereavement. Not content with a mere advisory position, John has spearheaded a groundbreaking initiative to introduce age-appropriate bereavement awareness into school curriculums, ensuring that children and adolescents receive the support and education they need to navigate loss.

Influencing National Policy

John Adams‘ advocacy for bereavement education has taken him to the hallowed halls of the UK Parliament, where he has engaged in discussions to promote the cause. His tireless efforts and vision for a more empathetic society even reached Buckingham Palace, where he had the privilege of discussing the importance of bereavement awareness with King Charles.

A Well-Rounded Background

Before making his deep involvement in the funeral industry, John spent nearly a decade serving in the Royal Navy. His military service instilled in him the principles of strong leadership and teamwork, skills that he has seamlessly translated into his present endeavours. His expertise in leadership and organizational culture has seen him speak at business events all over the UK, where he shared insights into how businesses can foster better internal cultures to drive success.

A Voice for the Bereaved

Throughout his journey, John has graced numerous stages across the UK, using his platform to empower the bereaved and spark conversations about a topic that was traditionally shrouded in taboo. He has become a leading light in challenging societal norms surrounding death and bereavement, illuminating a path toward greater understanding and support for those in need.

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