cropped-54321-02161.jpgClare Shaw is an author of a growing collection of therapeutic picture books. Her books are written for all primary school aged children and cover topics that can often be tricky talking points. For example; her title Love Will Never Die was written to help children through bereavement.

She uses very direct but child-friendly language and always writes in rhyme. With bright, bold pages, each so beautifully fitting for the content of the page, children love the simplicity of the design.

All the books have areas where the child can write or draw their own feelings, making the books very personal to the child they belong to.

Her latest book, At Times I Get These Feelings, is a much lengthier book focusing on twelve main emotions. The book helps the child identify and deal with each one. She has received such praise as “what a fabulous, much needed resource” to “every child in the country needs a copy of this!”.

Her books are being used by charities, schools and other organisations across the UK.