How to help children and teens through a bereavement.

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Emotional Literacy

Helping children understand and deal with their emotions.

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Helping children when a parent is working away from home.

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Established in 2016, Clare Shaw Children’s Books produce therapeutic stories for children of all ages.

All Clare’s titles come from her own experiences and are written and designed to help children through tricky situations, such as bereavement or a parental work deployment. Each book has areas where the child can write or draw their own thoughts and feelings making each a truly personal journal.

Clare’s books are widely used by Funeral Directors, Charities and Schools across the UK. The books also sell through Amazon, Etsy and our website to direct customers and businesses making them available for everyone who needs them.

If you are a business or charity and would like to order larger quantities, please email to find out more.


“Therapeutic Stories can be used to help children process difficult emotions. They can encourage and enable children to have conversations that may otherwise overwhelm them. Identifying and understanding their emotions can help a child make sense of a situation and the possible effect it may have on them – now and as they get older. It can teach them emotional skills that will help should they find themselves in a similar situation in the future.”

Interview with John Adams of Perry & Phillips Funeral Directors