When Clare was just eleven years’ old, her brother died. She had just started secondary school in the September and things were going well. During a science lesson on the 18th of December, Clare was called away as Andrew had been taken into hospital and a neighbour was on their way to collect her. After an incredibly brief stay in intensive care, Andrew died in the early hours of the 20th of December. His funeral was held on Christmas Eve. It all happened so very quickly.

Although he was mentally and physically disabled, and never had a long life expectancy, as a child Clare wasn’t really aware of this. He was just her brother.

The confusion about what had happened, the “celebration” on Christmas Eve and the continuation of normal life that New Year, led Clare through years of confused emotions that continued well into adult life.

This was back in 1990 and awareness of mental health, and how the world can affect a child, has grown immensely since then. Clare has a passion to help children going through a similar situation; to help them navigate through grief in the best way possible.

She has recently found the perfect way to do just that through the wonderful Love Will Never Die. It is direct and honest and written in a way children can understand. Although it stemmed from her own experience, Clare did a lot of research to ensure it wasn’t too personal.

In doing this research, she came across a number of wonderful charities out there who are available to help. You can find information and contact details for them on the Charities page of this website.