12th July 2021 – British Institute of Funeral Directors Newsletter

The June edition of the British Institute of Funeral Directors (BIFD) newsletter features an article about teen bereavement and my new title, A Mind Full of Grief: A bereavement guide for teenagers and young adults.


At time of writing, the book has yet to be published. During the last phases of editing, the book was sent to a wide range of people for comment and edits. As part of the process, the book went to a few focus groups via bereavement charities that I had worked with previously. This was a wonderful exercise as the feedback that came was completely anonymous and therefore incredibly honest. Here are a few examples:

“Having two teenagers, finding something that talks to them at their level (not a child, not an adult) is very refreshing.”

“I liked the general format of the book because it was interactive as well as informative.”

“A Mindful of Grief is a sensitive, helpful and practical guide suitable for people of all faiths and none as they navigate the rocky road of bereavement. It’s written in a style which gives information without patronising and recognises the different responses people might have without judgement.”

“I really like it; it is a good summary of all the things to be ready for and ways of coping. I think it is good that it tells teens about grief without sugar coating it too much.”

You can read the full article on pages 11 and 12: https://www.bifd.org.uk/newsletter/bifd-newsletter-june-21.pdf