With all primary pupils heading back to school in England next week, I wanted to remind you of At Times I Get These Feelings: Helping children with emotions.

Knowing how my own child has been emotionally, and how he was when he returned to school in September, I feel this book could be of great use to many children as we start to transition to normality once more. 

At Times I Get These Feelings is an emotional literacy book covering twelve emotions including lonely, worried and angry. I have attached a couple of photos of the internal pages, and there are more on my website should you wish to take a look: https://cskidsbooks.com/a-lookinside/

You can purchase a copy at the discounted price of £8.99 (a saving of £6!) by using the code KPG40 at checkout on my website. Or, if you prefer, it is available on Amazon and also now on Etsy.

“This is an amazing resource to work with children to help them understand their own feelings and how to manage them. Recommended for parents, schools and professionals working with children aged 4 – 11 years. Every child in the country would benefit  from having a copy.”

Primary School ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant)