20th November 2021 – MuchLoved Supporting Children Through Bereavement

During the summer, I wrote a guest article for the wonderful MuchLoved with guidance on helping children through bereavement. You can read the full article here – Supporting Children Through Bereavement. I decided to wait until Children’s Grief Awareness Week to share it again. I hope it can help many families to open up.

As we all know, death is very much a taboo subject. Even more so in front of children. People just don’t want to talk about it when actually the opposite is best.

Every 22 minutes a child in the UK is bereaved of a parent. This equates to an average of 112 per day or over 40,000 every year; and sadly, these figures do not include any extended family or friends.

With over 600,000 people dying in the UK every year, there’s every chance that many will have a child connected to them in some way – a grandchild, niece, nephew, friend, student. The list goes on. This means there are a lot of children who will experience the loss of someone close, and a lot of children who will need support through that grief.