In the beautiful surroundings of Hethfelton House in Wareham (somewhat making up for the very wet and dreary weather), Mosaic held a conference focusing on the impact of traumatic grief on children.

It was such a wonderful yet emotional day. Three parts to the day that really stood out for me were listening to Mark Lemon talk about his experience of losing his Dad, watching Unexpected Places, a theatre group from Hampshire, and meeting Molly Potter!

For those that don’t know Mark Lemon, his work or his story, you can find out more about him here: He is doing some amazing work to help children and adults with their grief. If you get an opportunity to listen to his podcast or hear him speak at a conference, I would highly recommend him.

Unexpected Places, a theatre group from Hampshire, have worked with Simon Says to develop a piece of theatre that shows the emotions a child goes through following the death of a loved one. It was captivating and incredibly emotional. To any schools looking for a way to teach and explain bereavement to children, this is a wonderful way to go about it.

I’m sure some of you will already be familiar with Molly Potter and her work. She is a lovely lady writing books to help children with their emotions. You can find out more here: It was lovely to spend the time getting to know her and discussing our work, both past and future projects. I wish her every success.

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