5th July 2021 – Funeral Service Journal

I’m delighted to be featured in the latest edition of Funeral Service Journal talking about teenage bereavement and my new book, A Mind Full of Grief; A bereavement guide for teenagers and young adults.

“Having been a teenager when trying to navigate my own grief, I could remember just how hard that was. It was something that I did not deal with well at the time and have suffered for throughout my adult life. The whole reason I wrote Love Will Never Die was to help children going through what I went through. Why not do something to help the older children too?

If I’m honest, I was a little scared of writing for teenagers – until my eldest son became one and I realised they’re really not as scary as I first thought! So, after years of research and writing notes, on 9 June I published A Mind Full of Grief: A bereavement guide for teenagers and young adults.”

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