As we navigate through a second wave of Covid, with death rates expected to exceed those from the first peak earlier in the year, we need to make sure that our younger generation are supported.

If a child does not deal with a bereavement properly, at the right time, it can cause problems for that child throughout the rest of their childhood and well into their adult lives too. With the high levels of death that 2020 has already seen, and the charities available to help under so much pressure, we need to pick up the baton and help these children.

Some ways to help

When someone a child loves dies they look to those around them as to how to behave. As adults, we all grieve in very different ways. Many would hide their emotions from children so as not to upset them. If a child is mimicking behaviour, they will “put on a brave face” and not work through what they are feeling. This can manifest itself into ongoing mental health problems that can last a lifetime.

We need to be more open about death and not be afraid to talk about it. We should also feel free to express our emotions. If we’re feeling sad, or need a cry, don’t hide it. Children are truly intuitive and will know that something is wrong. If you do not talk about it, they will believe that bottling things up is the right way to behave. Be honest about how you feel. This will give them the confidence and freedom to do the same.

Additional help

Love Will Never Die is a unique book aimed at starting and helping with those difficult conversations. It gently guides the child through their grief and offers comfort along the way. It has areas where the child can express themselves by writing or drawing.

Used by schools, charities and funeral directors all over the UK, the book has a small packet of tissues enclosed to emphasise that it is ok to cry; it prompts the child to ask questions when they’re feeling confused and offers guidance on the emotions they may go through following the death of a loved one.

Having partnered with a national mental health charity, The Kaleidoscope Plus Group, we can offer the books at a discount on our website by using the code KPG40. A donation from each website sale is sent to The Kaleidoscope Plus Group to help them with the amazing work they carry out.

If you are part of the funeral industry, a charity, business or school and would like to order multiple copies or find out more, please email

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