As part of this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week I want to share with you some wonderful books that have been written to help children with their emotional wellbeing.

My final introduction this week is Elke Thompson who, along with her young son, wrote their story of her first husband’s death. It is written with heart and covers the questions asked by her son at the time and the answers that she gave.

Here is Elke reading ‘Is Daddy Coming Back in a Minute?’:

As you can see, it is wonderfully written and illustrated and perfect for helping younger children to understand death. You can buy your own copy by clicking here.

Why Elke?

Elke spoke at a child bereavement conference I attended in November 2019.

To try to put into words the atmosphere in the room when she spoke would be near impossible – I’m not sure any words would do it justice. I had considered using the expression “you could have heard a pin drop” but when I logged onto her website recently, I see this is quoted on the home page. I would imagine it’s a common reaction from anyone who has heard her speak.

Her story was filled with such sadness but delivered so clearly and calmly and with such hope. She was incredible to listen to.

To find out more, you can visit or follow Elke on Twitter at

Book cover