Welcome to my newly designed website created by the wonderful Sam Griffiths of Miss’Chief Creative. I hope you all love it as much as I do!

What better way to celebrate its launch than to introduce you to the lady behind it…

Sam and I worked together many moons ago and have always stayed in touch (via Facebook, obvs!) so she was my obvious choice when it came to designing my new logo and website. Both of which are just fabulous.

I asked Sam to answer a few questions to give us a little more information about her passions.

When did you start designing?

“I started designing in 1991 after leaving College and gained experience with publishers, printers, media agencies and finally kids engagement design for the likes of Jamie Oliver, National Trust and many airlines!

Last year I gave up the big agency life to start my own design company Miss’Chief Creative and haven’t looked back!”

Was it always your passion?

“Yes drawing, designing and visual creating has been a passion since a child, it’s always been what I wanted to do when I grew up. Although everyone who knows me says I’m still that child just 3 foot taller lol… I think its so important to keep the inner child’s spirit to enhance everything you do day to day from your work to how to live your life!”

What do you love about it?

“Everything from meeting new clients, hearing their dream, brainstorming that into a reality through my hands… Making people smile is right up there on my tick list of life!”

Where do you see yourself in the future?

“Ooooo what a question… I want to continue to help through design and drawing, work more again with children and look at creating a hub of mindfulness to inspire the younger generation to focus on actual reality v’s virtual reality and know there is so much beauty out there! And to continue to help small businesses grow.”

You can find Sam in the following places: