Since publishing Love Will Never Die in 2017 to help younger children with their grief, I have attended various conferences to help promote my work. Each time I displayed Love Will Never Die I was asked if I had anything similar for teenagers. I had so many conversations about how little there was out there to help teens and young adults going through a similar situation. I heard so often how they were almost forgotten about in their grief. Yet, they really need support.

If I’m honest, the idea of writing for teens scared me a little. I didn’t feel qualified – despite being a teenager when trying to navigate my own grief – but a seed had clearly been planted.

I’ve been talking about it, researching it and writing notes about it for so long, I had to make the decision to just go for it!

On Wednesday 9th June A Mind Full of Grief will be published. It is available for pre-order on my website and, using the coupon code TEEN21, you can receive an extra 25% off the already discounted price. For anyone interested in bulk buying, and any B2B enquiries, please email


When someone you love dies, what happens next?

As a teenager or young adult, this can be such a confusing time. So many emotions you may not have felt before.

So much confusion.

This book will help you through. Filled with practical and honest information but without overloading.

Covering everything from grief and the funeral to the future in the most straightforward way.


For some, one of the hardest things when someone has died is telling other people. Inside the back cover is a flap containing a few leaflets to help the reader explain to teachers, colleagues and friends what has happened. It reads:

“Use these leaflets, if you need to, to let people know what has happened and guide those around you in how best to support you.

Fill in as much detail as you’re comfortable with.

Your feelings may alter over time, you can always let people know if anything changes.

You may choose to use them all. You may choose to use none.”




“Having two teenagers, finding something that talks to them at their level (not a child, not an adult) is very refreshing.”


“A Mind Full of Grief is a sensitive, helpful and practical guide suitable for people of all faiths and none as they navigate the rocky road of bereavement.  It’s written in a style which gives information without patronising and recognises the different responses people might have without judgement. A lovely resource to be able to offer teens and young adults experiencing loss for the first time.

Becca Chamberlain, Families Pastor”