This time last week we were just finishing our first day of NFE2022. For those that don’t know, this is the National Funeral Exhibition, organised by the National Association of Funeral Directors, held every two years at Stoneleigh, near Kenilworth. Although, thanks to Covid, it had been three years since we were last there.

When I tell people about the exhibition, I’m greeted with almost shock and horror that there would be an exhibition about the funeral industry. People ask funny questions about coffins and equipment, and find it odd that I enjoy the weekend so much.

But, I really do! This was my second visit and I enjoyed it just as much, if not more, than my first. There’s a real community spirit within the industry. I lost count of how many unbelievably sensitive conversations I had but with not a jot of awkwardness. I also lost count of hugs that I received! Recognising people from last time who popped by to say hello, customers that I’ve built relationships with over the past few years and total strangers who I exchanged a few meaningful words with. Everybody just makes you feel so welcome. A part of the family. I’m already looking forward to NFE2024!