I hope you’ve all had a wonderful summer. It’s been a while since I shared any ‘news’.

The summer holidays are always a little hectic with having to balance work with family life. This year has proven slightly more challenging as it’s the first summer in fifteen years where I’ve been heading out to work.

I made a choice when the children were small to work from home; originally as a virtual assistant and in more recent years as a self-published author. I’ve always been around should the kids need me, for whatever reason. However, I realised during the Easter school holiday this year that those times had clearly passed. Other than questions around when they were likely to be fed and with what, they barely needed me at all.  So, with this realisation, and with the cost of living crisis looming, I decided to get a job!

At the end of June I started working part time at a local charity and I’m loving it. It’s taken quite a lot of self-adjustment, and probably the school holidays were the worst time to do this, but it’s been great.

And, just because I love a challenge, I’m also on the verge of launching a new Community Interest Company (not-for-profit), Green Hat Wellbeing.

Having trialled an initiative before the Covid lockdowns, whereby we collected corporate sponsorship in order to put free books into schools, we have now become official and hope to continue this and grow the idea across whole of the UK!

Come and find and follow us on Twitter, and on LinkedIn, to offer your support and also keep up to date with our progress. If you would like to speak to us about offering a donation or partnering with us, please do get in touch: greenhatwellbeing@gmail.com.