Today would have been my lovely brother’s 50th birthday.

I’m stealing my sister’s words from Facebook today as she put our memories and feelings into words far better than I could have done:

“It’s good to remember how lucky we were to have him – his loving, happy nature was the greatest. He really was, and still is, up there with my ‘all-time’ favourite people. For those who also knew and love him raise a glass of something bubbly – if he was here though that would be ‘coke and salt and vinegar crisps!’

Some people are on the earth to hold and some are in your heart to hold.”

My kids are on a (very well timed) inset day today so I’ve planned a full on family day to celebrate. I have substituted the Coca Cola with Champagne but I have bought some Salt & Vinegar crisps!

Happy birthday Andrew.