Today I had the pleasure of joining a local junior school for their bereavement club.

The ELSA (Emotional Literacy Support Assistant) there is amazing! As well as the bereavement club, she also runs a group for the service children, Wellbeing Wednesday for the whole school and many other clubs focussing on the children’s mental health and wellbeing. She is an inspiration!

Our focus today was The Invisible String. We stood in a circle and passed a ball of string while talking about what connects us all. The children then shared why they were at the group and who it was that they loved who had died. We all sat and ate a biscuit – especially chosen with a heart on – while the teacher read a copy of The Invisible String.

Following the story and subsequent conversations about the book, the children made string bracelets to wear to remind them of their invisible strings. It was a wonderful session and I feel honoured to have been invited to join in.