25th November 2021 – Bereavement Resources for Children and Teens

As Children’s Grief Awareness Week comes to a close, we would like to offer a gentle reminder of our resources available to help when a child has lost someone they love, and the positive affect these resources can have.

Love Will Never Die

“What a lovely book. This book is beautifully written and unusual. I bought it to read with my grandchildren. They lost their mum last year. I can imagine it will be a book they will cherish and it will help them to keep the love and memories of their mum alive forever.”

Written in rhyme and using honest language, Love Will Never Die is the perfect guide for younger children to help them through a bereavement. It allows the child to express themselves and encourages them to ask questions. Feedback has shown that it has been a wonderful tool at opening up family conversations that might otherwise have not happened.

A Mind Full of Grief

“A Mind Full of Grief is a sensitive, helpful and practical guide suitable for people of all faiths and none as they navigate the rocky road of bereavement.  It’s written in a style which gives information without patronising and recognises the different responses people might have without judgement. A lovely resource to be able to offer teens and young adults experiencing loss for the first time.”

Straight talking, to the point but also pitched perfectly for teens, this bereavement guide covers both the practical and emotional elements that may arise following the death of a loved one. As with Love Will Never Die, there are areas where the individual can express themselves through writing and drawing in a way that is more suited to the age group. Being a teen is tricky enough, having to navigate through grief on top of that can be difficult; using this guide could help.

This title is also available on Kindle.

A Times I Get These Feelings

“This is a really lovely book and is very much needed! My son dived straight in when it arrived and started on the activities (of which there are plenty!). He liked matching the faces to emotions and reading about just how normal it is to have emotions. We encourage talking at home but sometimes children prefer to draw, colour or express themselves in a book and this book is just perfect for that. It’s really engaging with lots to do but also has a very important message, we would highly recommend this book.”

Although not directly connected to grief, this book covers twelve emotions from happy to sad to angry to lonely. As a child can experience a whole range of new and existing emotions while grieving, and sometimes all within the space of a day, this is a perfect companion to Love Will Never Die should those emotions become too large.

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There are many photos of the internal pages on our website and in our Etsy store, along with additional products that can further help the child.

You can find a number of articles within our news section that give practical guidance and advise on how to help children following the death of a loved one.

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