As part of this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week I want to share with you some wonderful books that have been written to help children with their emotional wellbeing.

Today, I’d like you to meet Molly Potter. I would imagine that anyone who has looked at mental wellbeing books for children will have come across some of Molly’s work. For example:

Cover Image

A wonderful book with a simple layout for the child to follow. It is packed full of brilliant ideas to help a child with a number of different emotions. You can view some of the pages on Amazon to get a feel of the book (click the image above to take you there).

Why Molly?

I met Molly at a conference we both attended at the start of 2020. I was already aware of her work as I have a copy of ‘How Are You Feeling Today?’ on a shelf in my office.

What a pleasure it was to meet her. We spent the whole morning (between presentations) chit chatting about life, our work and ways in which we could help children with their mental wellbeing.

Molly is a lovely lady, full of enthusiasm for what she does and this is reflected so clearly in her writing.

You can find out more about Molly by following her on Twitter: Or, by visiting