As part of this year’s Children’s Mental Health Week I want to share with you some wonderful books that have been written to help children with their emotional wellbeing.

When I was researching ‘At Times I Get These Feelings’, I bought Libby’s book ‘Feelings’. What a beautiful book!

It not only feels and looks gorgeous, it is also beautifully written and illustrated. It has a feeling of calm about it – even when you’re reading about being sad or angry.

Here you can see Libby herself reading a copy:

I’ve recommended it to many people and even sent my sister a copy to have on standby (she’s a primary school teacher). You can get a copy through Amazon by clicking here.

Why Libby?

This week, I am introducing work by authors I have met and whose work I admire; Libby is the exception – we have never met. However, I was so taken with her book when I bought my own copy that I just wanted to share this with you. It really is a most gorgeous book!

If you want to follow Libby or find out more, you can do so here