Back in 2016, Clare’s husband was deployed overseas with work for six months and it was trickier than they expected!

It all happened quite quickly (which may have been a blessing) and they told themselves that it would all be fine, they were used to Daddy being out before they woke and coming home after bedtime. This belief led them to completely and utterly underestimate the impact this would have on the children!

Clare thought everything was fine and then, one day, all seemed not to be fine. Her eldest (then 9) was getting teary over very little things and the youngest (then 6) wasn’t wanting to go to school. It was all very out of the ordinary.

Luckily, Clare had a chance meeting with an educational psychologist who gave some ideas to try with the children. She was amazed at the difference just a couple of simple tricks could make.

Wanting to share her experience, in a way that would help others, she decided to write Sometimes. It is written for the child and will be something they can treasure for a long time. It incorporates the ideas that were given to Clare that proved to be so successful.

There are also parts that Clare’s own children helped write. The “special teddy” was from her eldest’s influence. As was the “not knowing what to say”. It was all, very much, a joint effort that they hope will help other families in their position through their family deployment too.