Don’t Tell the Children

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What happens when someone dies?

Tackling the taboo around discussing death, funerals and our wishes for both, this book will guide you through the practical and emotional elements following the death of a loved one. Encouraging people to talk more openly about death and empowering our future generation by starting the conversations now.

John, a funeral director, and Clare, an author, have come together to encourage and support children, families and professionals when planning a funeral. Simple advice, such as who to call when someone dies, alongside guidance for all of the family following a bereavement.

Both share their stories of losing someone close to them at a young age, the driving force that has given them a shared passion to help others now and in the future.

“John’s messages and mission are so deeply aligned to my own. We all need to be able to talk about death and grief, we all need to become more curious, less afraid and, by doing so, help to create less death-phobic, death-awkward, and death-illiterate societies.”

Dr Lucy Hone, author of Resilient Grieving, and co-founder of the Coping with Loss programme globally.


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