22nd April 2021 – BIFD Journal

I recently featured in an article for the BIFD’s (British Institute of Funeral Directors) Journal magazine about the importance of helping a bereaved child. Aimed at the funeral industry, the article talks about Love Will Never Die and the benefit it can offer to children when going through such a tricky time. Please take a […]

26th March 2021 – ICCM The Journal

I was recently invited to write an article for the ICCM’s (Institute of Cemetery and Crematorium Management) publication, The Journal. The article covers the effect that a bereavement can have on a child and how to deal with the situation honestly. Please take a moment to read the full article here: My article features on […]

1st March 2021 – Back to School

With all primary pupils heading back to school in England next week, I wanted to remind you of At Times I Get These Feelings: Helping children with emotions. Knowing how my own child has been emotionally, and how he was when he returned to school in September, I feel this book could be of great use […]